“You can’t put lipstick on that pig and tell me that’s a good thing….”

That’s what Dave from Betaview Aluminium Windows & Doors told me on a recent call.

Thankfully, he wasn’t talking about me!

Dave engaged us to help with his marketing a few months ago.

One of the first things we did was audit his Google Ads account.

His advertising spend was out of control.

Some months they’d increase their spend by $10K+ to try and generate more sales, but they’d get little to no result.

Our audit found a lot of problems.

But one thing that really stood out was a campaign that had cost Dave over $5,000 in 6 weeks but only generated 10 leads.

Here’s where it gets strange.

On our call, Dave told me his previous marketing provider had actually bragged about this result.

What we’d picked up on as being one of the single biggest failures in the campaign, was one of the things he was pointing out as a good thing.

He was talking about how many impressions and clicks this campaign had generated, while completely ignoring that it was costing Betaview over $500 per lead!

This was the pig in lipstick Dave was talking about.

It’s all too common to find marketing providers hiding behind “vanity metrics” like this,

And they’re counting on you not knowing enough to see why this is a problem.

Vanity metrics are numbers that might make you feel good but do nothing to move the needle in your business.

Impressions and clicks are all well and good, but they mean nothing if you’re not tracking leads and sales that your campaign generates.

You’re flying blind and it’s costing you thousands in wasted ad spend and even more in missed opportunities.

Luckily Dave understood the difference. 

Since working with us, we’ve doubled his lead volume and reduced his average cost per lead across all campaigns from $100 down to $30.

If you suspect your marketing isn’t performing as it should, here’s a few things to check:

Ask your marketing provider “how much is it costing me to generate a lead?”

This will help you quickly figure out if they’re tracking how many leads your campaign generates. For digital campaigns, it shouldn’t take more than a quick look at their dashboard to give you an answer.

Check whether all your leads are being tracked – including phone calls

Call tracking systems monitor how many phone calls your campaign generates. If you don’t track calls, you’re missing a lot of data on what’s working and what isn’t.

Calculate your campaign ROI (return on investment)

ROI is the most important metric in any campaign. Make sure you know which leads came from your campaign, how many turned into sales and what those sales were worth. Then compare the gross profit to the amount spent on the campaign.

Alternatively, check out our case study video where we break down the exact systems we use to help home improvement companies like Betaview add 7+ figures to their bottom line with predictability.

Leon Bennetts

About Leon Bennetts

Working as a marketing consultant since 2013, I noticed that certain strategies & systems would generate profound results in a very short space of time.

This isn’t rocket science but these systems and marketing principles are criminally underused by nearly all home improvement contractors.

The home improvement customers I worked with wiped the floor with their competitors and quickly gained a stranglehold on their market.

If you want to know how this could work for you, click here to access the case study video where I’ll walk you through what I do best.

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