Knowing where to start with online marketing for your home improvement company isn’t easy.

There’s so much advice on what you should be doing that most business owners feel completely overwhelmed.

It’s easy to forget that sometimes keeping things simple can work much better.

I recently sat down with one of our clients to talk about his experience with our services.

Diagnosing Problems

“We were struggling to regularly get good leads despite spending big on marketing to get our relatively new business off the ground. It was a nightmare and we never knew if we were going to get a return on the money we spent.”

Glen was in a difficult position when we first met each other.

Although he’s had years of experience working for and running gutter guard companies – Ultraflow was a new business in a new home town.

He’d spent a lot of money on a new website, brochures, shopping centre displays and Google Adwords – but business was still way too quiet.

“When we met with Leon he showed us exactly where our marketing was going wrong. There were big problems with our AdWords campaign and we weren’t tracking our results properly so we were basically running blind.”

There were definitely some big problems with how Ultraflow was handling marketing.

But instead of trying to fix everything at once, I showed Glen how we could get the results he wanted with one simple strategy.

See the biggest source of prospective customers for Ultraflow was their Google Adwords campaign.

When someone searched “gutter guard melbourne” on Google – their ad would show up near the top of the listings. Every time someone clicked they paid Google a few dollars.

And lots of people were clicking their ad and visiting their website!

The problem was that less than 2% of the people who clicked their ad ended up making contact and requesting a quote. This is called the “conversion rate”

So every 100 clicks cost about $400 and would generate 2 leads.

Glen would sell slightly over half of the leads he received. Which meant each customer cost about $400.

When we looked at his gross profit for an average job – it was clear that the campaigns were generating a very poor return on investment.

A poor conversion rate is the biggest reason why most home improvement companies don’t get great results from AdWords or find it too expensive!

This one problem costs businesses thousands and thousands in wasted ad spend and missed opportunities every month.

All because they’re sending people to a website that is badly optimised to turn clicks into dollars.

If we could increase the conversion rate for Ultraflow, the campaigns would generate more leads and deliver a healthy return on investment.

So our goal was simple – increase the conversion rate of the AdWords campaigns to at least 5%.

Implementing The Solution

Rebuilding Ultraflow’s website to fix this problem would have cost thousands of dollars and taken at least a month if not longer.

So again – we kept it simple.

We built a one-page “landing page” that we kept separate from the main website.

Every time someone clicked on Ultraflow’s ad – they’d go to this page instead.

There’s a reason why this works so well.

  1. No distractions.

    There’s no navigation menu and no other pages to visit.

    There’s only 2 options for anyone visiting the page – call the phone number or enter your details into the form.

    Making it dead simple to find what you should do next sends conversions through the roof.

  1. It’s designed to convince visitors that this is the company they want to deal with.

    Everything is focused on them and the benefits they’ll receive by choosing Ultraflow.

    Plus we back all that up with social proof like testimonials from happy customers.

  2. The design is clean and modern and builds trust.

    Compared to most websites, it’s much easier to get the information you need from this landing page.


“Within 2 weeks of starting his company had completely rebuilt our Adwords campaign and set up a landing page to turn more of our clicks into leads. We immediately starting seeing results. I’d already closed 2 sales just days after turning the new system on.”

Along with the new landing page, we completely rebuilt Glen’s Adwords campaigns and fixed numerous problems that were costing him even more money.

The effect on his results was dramatic. The new landing page had a 7% conversion rate.

Let’s look at those numbers again. For every 100 clicks and $400 spent, Glen now got 7 leads instead of 2. He was still closing just over half – so out of those leads he got 4 sales.

By increasing the conversion rate, Glen only had to spend $100 on ads to get a new customer and was getting a massive return on investment.

“That first month we ended up generating around $50,000 in new business. The best bit was realising we’d made $3.26 gross profit for every $1 spent on the marketing after we went over the numbers.

It’s been 9 months since we started and we’ve done way better than that first month since. Leon’s team has continued to work on finding new ways to improve the campaign and generate more leads. We now spend half as much money to get a lead and we generate twice as many compared to the first month.”

Despite the great initial result – we weren’t going to rest easy.

We continued to test and improve both the campaigns and the landing page, as well as utilising new features from Google as they came out.

We’ve found out what works and what doesn’t work, and the results are spectacular.

In fact, in the last 30 days the conversion rate of our landing page has been 14%. For every 100 clicks we generate 14 leads.

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Leon Bennetts

About Leon Bennetts

Working as a marketing consultant since 2013, I noticed that certain strategies & systems would generate profound results in a very short space of time.

This isn’t rocket science but these systems and marketing principles are criminally underused by nearly all home improvement contractors.

The home improvement customers I worked with wiped the floor with their competitors and quickly gained a stranglehold on their market.

If you want to know how this could work for you, click here to access the case study video where I’ll walk you through what I do best.

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