“I tried using Google Adwords, but it was a waste of money.”

“We didn’t get one email enquiry from our Adwords spend.”

“I ended up paying a fortune for no results.”

We hear these comments all the time as we speak to home improvement business owners about their online marketing strategies….. and we’ve heard how their credit cards have taken a battering as the result of an unprofessional or slap-dash approach to this very powerful marketing tool.

Most importantly though, we know exactly why those campaigns failed – and how to avoid a repeat of such bad experiences.

We’ve worked with many home improvement specialists in both initiating, and improving, their digital marketing campaigns with the aim of generating leads and creating sales.

For those we initiate, we are able to put in place key strategies from the get-go, but for those who have campaigns that are failing, we can explain why this is so, and can set things right.

It’s Not Like The Yellow Pages

The days of placing an ad in the Yellow Pages and waiting for the calls to come in are gone – we know this and, no doubt, so do you.

Your customers are using the internet to find the goods and services they need, including tradespeople and home improvement services. But slapping up a yellow-pages-style ad through Google Adwords is definitely NOT the answer.

You see, there are over 100 settings and features associated with Adwords, and getting just one of them wrong can mean the difference between those emails or phone calls flowing in, or getting nothing except a series of ka-chings against your credit card.

So getting it right is important, but just how are people getting it wrong? Here are just 3 of the most common mistakes we see businesses make with their Adwords campaign (there are lots more!).

Mistake 1: Poor Campaign Management

Too many businesses recycle their Adwords ads for different services, without taking the time to adjust them to their newly targeted keywords.

For example, sometimes if I search for “gutter guard” – I’ll see ads from companies that offer gutter repair but don’t mention they offer gutter guard.

Since these ads are advertising a different service than what we were searching for – it’s very unlikely to attract people to click and get in touch.

This can also be caused by a failure to use “negative keywords”. Using the same example – the gutter repair company could include a negative keyword for the word “guard”. This will mean their ads appear for searches about “gutters” but will not show for “gutter guard”.

Part of managing an Adwords campaign properly is routinely monitoring what people were searching when they found your ad, and updating the negative keywords list to exclude searches you don’t want to appear for in the future.

Mistake 2: Linking to Your Home Page

Traditionally a website’s home page is the ‘front door’ to the rest of the site. It directs visitors to different products and services, and links to other pages…….. lots of distractions.

Because your Adwords ad should target a specific product or service, those distractions must be eliminated by sending them to a page that focuses only on that product or service. This can be a landing page created on a separate site, or one within the main site. Never put links to your home page on an Adwords ad.

This can have a dramatic effect on results – typically our landing pages generate 2x to 3x more leads than our customer’s original website.

Mistake 3: Not Tracking Results

Google provides us with sensational tools that help us to track the results of our Adwords campaigns, and to test alternative strategies within a campaign, known as “split testing”. Unfortunately, most business owners are uncertain about their Adwords campaigns because their results aren’t being tracked.

Adwords allows us to know precisely how much a new lead is costing us and whether we’re getting ROI from our campaigns. These tools are able to tell us which ads are resulting in leads, and which sales come from Adwords; they allow us to see what is working and what isn’t. Importantly, they are showing how much we are spending on each ad, and allow us to set daily spend limits.

When you have this information, you can improve your results dramatically over time by focusing on what works and discarding what doesn’t. But without tracking your results, you’re essentially flying blind and don’t have a hope of truly improving.

We know that Google Adwords advertising delivers real and measurable results to our clients – and we substantiate those results with the tools provided by Google.

Leon Bennetts

About Leon Bennetts

Working as a marketing consultant since 2013, I noticed that certain strategies & systems would generate profound results in a very short space of time.

This isn’t rocket science but these systems and marketing principles are criminally underused by nearly all home improvement contractors.

The home improvement customers I worked with wiped the floor with their competitors and quickly gained a stranglehold on their market.

If you want to know how this could work for you, click here to access the case study video where I’ll walk you through what I do best.

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