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“We struggled to regularly get good leads for our business despite spending big on Google Adwords. Leon showed us exactly where our ads were going wrong and how they were wasting our money.

Within 2 weeks his company had completely overhauled our campaigns and marketing system. In the first month we generated $50,000 in new sales and we’ve done even better since then."

Glen Walsh

Ultraflow Home Solutions

Here's How We Help Home Improvement Businesses Like Yours

Our system is simple. But the magic is in the details. Getting the little things right that most agencies ignore gives us a massive competitive advantage.

Want to dominate your market? Here's how we can help:

Online advertising like Google Adwords drives potential customers to your business.

They arrive on a landing page, a simple, one-page website designed to turn more paid clicks into leads.

Everything is tracked and constantly improved so you know your exact return on investment.

 Over $60,000 in New Sales In The First 6 Weeks

"Before I met Leon, business was just ticking over, my marketing was hit and miss and my customers would tell me they had trouble finding me. I was unsure if Adwords would work, but the results have been excellent.

I now have my marketing answers covered and can concentrate on expanding my business. Leon “does what he says”, which is a hard thing to find in today’s market."

Stuart Wilson
LVI Thermosoft

About Leon Bennetts

Working in digital marketing since 2013 has taught me that certain strategies & systems generate profound results in a very short space of time

It's not rocket science. But these systems and marketing principles are criminally underused by most home improvement contractors.

Working with me means getting access to a proven lead generation system that works fast. You'll wipe the floor with their competitors and quickly gain a stranglehold on your market.

Want to know how this could work for you? Watch this case study video where I’ll walk you through what I do best.

"I was like a lot of small business people in the marketplace. I did my own website and ran my own Adwords campaigns with moderate success, but I knew the time had come to get a professional. Leon cold called me out of the blue and that one phone call transformed my business to where it is now - which is the number one gutter protection company in South East Queensland.

I now have other installers from other companies chasing me for work as they are getting less and less. Once Leon got started the effects were immediate and I haven't looked back. I can highly recommend Leon and his company to anyone looking for a professional enthusiastic and committed partner in the digital world."

Brad Jewell
Guaranteed Gutter Protection

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